Garage Door Safety Release

Calgary garage door safety release damage is swiftly tackled. Any service on garage door emergency release cords in Calgary homes in Alberta is provided quickly. This red cord that’s hanging from your opener’s trolley is very important. You just need to pull to disengage the opener and thus, use the garage door manually. Why should you care about doing so, you wonder? It may come in handy during an emergency or during a power outage. And so, if there’s a problem with the release rope and you need service, don’t wait. Hurry to contact Garage Doors Calgary.

Got a problem with your Calgary garage door safety release system?

Garage Door Safety Release Calgary

Any problem with a garage door safety release Calgary system is swiftly addressed. If something is wrong or if you have noticed some damage, don’t wait. The sooner you call us the sooner you get solutions. Not knowing how to use this emergency release cord or having trouble with it is not a good thing. If an emergency happens, you may not be able to quickly open the garage door manually. What if there’s a power outage and thus, the opener’s safety sensors don’t work? What if the garage door closes on a pet or child? With a functional garage door safety release system, accidents can be avoided. Also, your home is safer and more secure.

Emergency garage door safety release mechanism services

Trust our team with any emergency garage door release system service in Calgary. Whether there’s an emergency or it’s time for routine inspection, we are ready to serve when it’s suitable for you.

  •          Garage door safety release repair services are offered fast, especially when the cord is broken or the system is not working.
  •          Safety release system installation and replacement services may be needed if the existing one is damaged. Or, if you want to upgrade.
  •          Emergency garage door safety release cord inspection is wise to book once in a while. A pro comes out to test and check the release system to make sure everything is in place and the mechanism works just fine, just in case it’s needed.  

We have experience with garage door safety release repairs, replacements, installations, and inspections. The cost of any of these services is reasonable and you can find out firsthand if you contact us to request a quote. Instead of taking risks due to problems and damage, reach our team to have the Calgary garage door safety release mechanism checked, replaced, or fixed.

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