Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

Garage Door Springs repair

A garage door torsion spring in Calgary is one of two primary springs often utilized on a garage door system. The other type is called extension springs. These components both assist in the lifting and balancing of the doors. The torsion type is found just inside the garage and above the entrance. The extension type is found on each side of the door. Both of these types are very effective. The one best suited for your operation will depend on the weight and size of the door it will be supporting.
Spring Repair PossibilitiesGarage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

Our specialists excel at torsion spring repair. If there is a way to fix it we will find it. However, in most situations once the spring has broken it is not very effective to repair it. If the component simply needs to be rewound and no severe damage has been done; then we might be able to fix it again. This is one of those parts you don’t want to take chances with because if they malfunction it could be a safety hazard.
Replacement More Likely

Garage door torsion spring replacement is more likely than repair in most situations. It is better to be safe than sorry with this component and it should never be replaced by an amateur. Garage Doors Calgary has professionals that have the experience necessary to do this job right and ensure safety for everyone involved.

Torsion spring replacement takes special skills, but when it is provided by our specialists you will have the peace of mind of knowing the job will be done to specifications. If you are lucky all we will need to do is make a minor torsion spring adjustment. We promise you that our experts will always seek the solution that works, but is the most cost effective.
Contact Calgary Garage Doors for spring services that provides the peace of mind you need as it pertains to safety and the effectiveness of these components.

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